Gaowo went to Taizhou University again, and carried out two lectures on intellectual property smoothly.

Intellectual property rights are strategic resources and core competitiveness for national development. While universities are rich in scientific and technological innovation resources and they are important bases for the creation of high-quality intellectual property rights.

In order to enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection and application, and protect the intellectual labor achievements of teachers and students, Gaowo was invited to Taizhou University again after a month, and the professional engineers and analysts team brought two unique theme lectures, which are of great significance to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of colleges and universities and improve their layout of intellectual property.

Firstly, through the theme lecture "High-quality Patent Application and International Patent Layout", the lecturer of Gaowo explained from the basic knowledge of patents to the examination process, and then from the writing of high-quality technical disclosure to the international patent layout,further strengthening the participants' awareness of intellectual property creation, application, protection and management.

The second lecture with the theme of "Patent Award, Science and Technology Award Exchange Meeting" aims to help teachers and students of Taizhou University to fully understand the relevant policies of patent award and science and technology award, as well as the application and evaluation process, and improve the university's intellectual property achievements transformation, management and operation capabilities.

Through this exchange activity, it is believed that the teachers and students of Taizhou University will be able to combine intellectual property protection with scientific research practice and teaching work, and give full play to the leading and supporting role of high-quality intellectual property of universities in industrial development so as to strengthen the innovation engine, expand innovation entities and improve the innovation ecosystem. And we also believe that they will add new momentum,reflect new responsibilities, demonstrate and create new achievements to the construction of a science and technology innovation center with national influence.

After the event, the majority of teachers and students attending the event spoke highly of the effectiveness of this themed exchange activity, and hoped that Taizhou University and Gaowo would continue to maintain close and in-depth cooperation, so as to make intellectual property protection and application knowledge more popular in colleges and universities. And as a professional intellectual property service organization, Gaowo will continue to escort the innovative scientific research achievements of teachers and students.


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