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     ::: Design of patent strategy;
     ::: Invention, utility model and design application;
     ::: Patent right assignment and license;
     ::: Patent reexamination and invalidation filings;
     ::: Management of patent annuity;
     ::: Patent document and non-patent documents search and monitoring;
     ::: PCT application and Convention appication;
     ::: Patent customs registry and patent right registration for pledge;
     ::: Risk analysis and design of avoiding of patent infringement;
     ::: Early warning service of patent;
     ::: Consultants and trusteeship services of patent.


     ::: Design and analysis of trademark strategy;
     ::: Trademark registration filing;
     ::: Renewal, assignment,change and license of the trademark;
     ::: Trademark supervising;
     ::: Madrid trademark international application and individual foreign application;
     ::: Application of trademark opposition and response;
     ::: Application of trademark invalidation and response;
     ::: Well-known trademark approval,famous trademark application;
     ::: Trademark examination and strategic analysis for enterprises;
     ::: Formulate management system of trademark for enterprises;
     ::: Legal consultant of intellectual property for enterprises.


     ::: Registration of copyright; of computer software copyright;
     ::: Copyright customs registration;
     ::: Request of extensional handle; objection and arbitrary;
     ::: Copyright infringement litigation,administrative disposal and relevant legal work.


     ::: Monitoring, investigation and obtaining evidence of market;
     ::: Administrative disposal and blow against the infringing acts;
     ::: Surveillance and investigation of customs to the infringing products;
     ::: Agency of criminal cases of intellectual property.


     ::: Administrative litigation of trademark,civil litigationof trademark infringement;
     ::: Administrative litigation of patent,civil litigationof patent infringement;
     ::: Civil litigationof copyright infringement;
     ::: Civil litigation of computer software;
     ::: Civil litigation concerning the rights protection of commercial secrets;
     ::: Complaints and civil litigation regarding to unfair competition.


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