Gaowo went to Gannan Normal University again to help it with high-value patent applications and overseas patent protection.

The ability of scientific and technological innovation is an important driving force for social progress.And universities are an important force in the national innovation system, the main force of basic research and the main owner of scientific and technological achievements, and they are also the source of applied technological innovation. And under the background of the national innovation strategy, it is imperative to improve the scientific research and innovation ability of colleges and universities and promote the protection of Gaowo innovation technology!

After 2018, five years later, the Gaowo Intellectual Property team was invited to Gannan Normal University to carry out patent lectures again.The lecture, with the theme of "high-value Patent Application and Overseas patent protection", further deepened the cooperation between the two sides and is of great significance for improving the innovation protection and patent layout ability of the University.

Many scientific research teachers from the University participated in the lecture, and Gaowo technology team explained the knowledge related to patent foundation, the patent examination process, the writing of high-quality technical disclosure, and the overseas patent layout protection, which further strengthens the ability of Gannan Normal University research team to create, apply, protect and transform intellectual property rights.

At the end of the lecture, the intellectual property consultant of Gaowo introduced in detail its development history , its honors obtained over the years, and its successful cases. It has been cooperating with Gannan Normal University since 2016, and the two sides have established profound friendly and cooperative relations. And the leaders and scientific research teachers of the University recognized Gaowo's many years of service and praised this training and lecture.

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