Gaowo attended the GIPC 2023 Global Communication Intellectual Property Conference.

On July 21, 2023, the second phase of the "King of Industry" series: 2023 GIPC GLOBAL Communications Intellectual Property Ecological Conference (GIPC), hosted by IPR Daily and IPR Daily Global, was held in Beijing Asia Hotel.

As a representative of the intellectual property industry, Gaowo was invited to participate in this conference and set up a booth on the site to provide professional advice and solutions for participating customers.At the same time, Mr. Huang Jie, an expert patent consultant from Beijing Gaowo Law Firm, was invited to attend the round table meeting to discuss hot issues of communication patents from multiple perspectives and exchange experience and opinions with a number of participants.

The Global Intellectual Property Conference (GIPC) is one of the grandest exchange events in the field of intellectual property in China. It is an important conference for Chinese intellectual property leaders, CEOs of high-growth enterprises and top investors to discuss growth experiences, explore business opportunities and look forward to business trends. It has become an important platform for IP leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to communicate and exchange experience.

This conference covers three major themes, namely, the year of communication knowledge, the focus of SEP, and the power of SEP.The topic focuses on the current situation of the communication industry, standard essential patents, NPE litigation and other hot topics in the communication industry, and discusses the intellectual property issues in the development of the communication industry from multiple angles and countermeasures, so as to build the competitive advantage of enterprises and avoid the risk of infringement in the future.

At the conference site, the Gaowo team discussed cutting-edge intellectual property topics with many delegates, and provided professional intellectual property consulting and customized solution services for the guests, and provided intellectual property planning guidance for many participating enterprises, and helped them to protect their innovation!

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