Good news! 39 trademark agents of Gaowo were included into the first batch of trademark talent pool of China Trademark Association.

Recently, the China Trademark Association "2023 trademark talent pool entry application (first batch) list of senior qualified personnel" was announced. A total of 39 agents from Gaowo Intellectual Property were selected, of which 7 were rated as first-level agent talents and 32 were rated as second-level agent talents.

The core asset of the trademark agency industry is talent. On October 10, 2022, China Trademark Association issued the Trademark Talent Pool "Trademark Agency Professional Ability Evaluation Standards (Trial)".On January 9, 2023, the trademark talent evaluation system was launched simultaneously at the China Trademark Talent Development Forum. The Talent and Education Committee of the China Trademark Association opened the application for the trademark talent pool (the first batch). The aim is to provide reference for the market and consumers by establishing a trademark talent pool, implementing trademark agency professional ability evaluation standards, classifying trademark agency personnel, and providing trademark agency vocational education examinations, so as to promote the orderly and high-quality development of the trademark agency industry.

It is reported that the trademark agent talent assessment work comprehensively checked the  the agent's years of employment, professional qualification certificate, his work, published articles, participation in subject research and language ability, based on the agent's professional service ability, theoretical ability, management ability, social influence and other indicators.

The 39 senior trademark agents of Gaowo were awarded senior talents, which represents the strong strength and talent advantages of Gaowo in the field of trademark legal services, representing the industry's recognition and affirmation of Gaowo's professional ability in intellectual property and high-quality agency services.

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