Gaowo visited Zichai Power,conveying technical disclosure writing skills and helping them with patent layout.

How to do a good job in patent layout is an essential ability for innovative enterprises.

Zichai Power Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Agricultural Development Group Co., LTD., an enterprise directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and a "Top 500 Chinese machinery" enterprise, which has always had a high awareness of intellectual property protection.

On May 12, at the invitation of Zichai Power, representatives of Gaowo technical support and intellectual property consulting team visited the company environment and successfully held the exchange meeting with the theme of "High-tech disclosure writing and retrieval skills", which was praised by the participants.

Technical disclosure is an important result of patent mining work and the basis of judging whether the invention is suitable for patent application, and also the basis of writing patent application documents.Therefore, to do a good job of technical disclosure writing will help lay a good foundation for patent application work.

Patent search can help enterprises fully understand the status quo, key technologies and the life cycle of patent technologies in related fields, and monitor the technology development trend and core patent distribution in this field. And it can also help enterprises to fully understand the current technical level of specific technical fields, understand the gaps and existing problems in related technical fields, determine the right research direction, and avoid repeated development.

Through this training, the participants of Zichai Power have a deep understanding of the basic knowledge of patents, how to write technical disclosure, how to conduct patent search, etc.And it is helpful for relevant innovation R & D personnel to form a good patent layout by using invention ideas, increase the gold content of enterprise innovation achievements, and have a good guidance and inspiration for the smooth development of enterprise innovation work.


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