Good job! Gaowo’s clients won 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

April 26-30, 2023, the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions successfully ended. After the review of the exhibition expert review committee, the customers of Gaowo won 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals, I would like to express my warm congratulations!

Founded in 1973, the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions is jointly sponsored by the Swiss Federal Government, the Government of Geneva and WIPO.Together with the Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition in Germany and the Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition in the United States, it is reputed as the world's three major invention exhibitions, and is one of the world's longest and largest invention exhibitions.

This is the first time that the exhibition has resumed offline since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020.More than 800 exhibitors from 40 countries presented more than 1,000 invention projects, and inventors and invention enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in Geneva, the famous city in Switzerland, bringing their new inventions, new technologies and new ideas to communicate and to compete.

The Chinese exhibition team is strong, and the quantity and quality of the exhibits are very outstanding, reflecting the importance of innovation and invention at different levels of Chinese universities, enterprises and individuals.

Gaowo customers obtained the excellent results of 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals, which deeply reflects the high quality of customers in invention and creation.These patent awards will also provide forward impetus for the future development of the award-winning units, further enhance the scientific and technological content of the invention, enhance the technical stability, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and institutions, and provide strong scientific and technological support for their re-development.

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