Gaowo went to Zhongqing Machinery to conduct in-depth communication, and the patent protection for the company is imperative.

With the development of economy, enterprises pay more and more attention to the formulation of technology strategy, and intellectual property, as a kind of intangible assets, is one of their most important economic resources .

Recently, Gaowo and his delegation were invited to Jiangyin Zhongqing Machinery Co., LTD., and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on further patent layout of the company.

More and more enterprises realize the importance of intellectual property rights and explore the strategy of intellectual property rights suitable for their own development.

However, there are still many enterprises that ignore the requirements of knowledge innovation and patent protection, directly anatomize and imitate others' technical products, at the expense of product quality and stability. They lower the cost and technical level, brutally destroy the market price system, which directly harms the interests of consumers and businesses, and leads to vicious competition.

Jiangyin Zhongqing Machinery Co., Ltd. has a team of competitive engineering and technical personnel,and has been adhering to the independent research and development of environmental protection products and production.Under the long-term cooperation with Gaowo, the company has an improved patent layout.But recently, we received news that Zhongqing machinery's new patent is being infringed, and Gaowo’s coming to the company this time was to make an in-depth understanding of the case and collect relevant evidence.

Gaowo with rich practical experience in the field of intellectual property, and having built a sound legal service system, will assist Zhongqing Machinery to carry out the right protection to the end.

In the market competition of emerging business, the contest of intellectual property rights is the embodiment of core competitiveness. If innovation is not protected, it is the entire industry, market, and user that will ultimately suffer.Protecting corporate intellectual property rights and "solving problems for customers wholeheartedly" is the mission that Gaowo has always been practicing.

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