Gaowo went to Taizhou College to hold a keynote lecture and help its patent application and layout.

With the deepening of the consciousness of intellectual property rights, most of our universities, colleges and enterprises realize that it is essential to carry out patent layout in advance and escort products with patents.

At the invitation of the School of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering of Taizhou College, Gaowo patent engineer and technical support Wang Xue, and intellectual property consultant Di Lanxia came to the school on March 31 to hold a lecture on the theme of "writing overseas patent and technology disclosure", which was attended by many teachers of the school and they expressed high recognition.

Taizhou College is a public comprehensive university at the undergraduate level approved by the Ministry of Education. Its total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 480 million yuan, and there are 4 directly affiliated hospitals. More than 30 industry-university-research platforms such as Taizhou Bio-Medical Industry Research Institute and Sanmen Research Institute have been established.

In order to further promote the integration process of production, university and research, and accelerate the leapfrog of the college's patent layout from quantity to quality,Wang Xue, patent engineer and technical support of Gaowo, gave an in-depth explanation and answer to questions for the participating teachers from the aspects of overseas patent protection and application channels, and the writing of technical disclosure documents based on actual cases.

The technical disclosure is a systematic description of the inventor's research and development fruits, and is a bridge between the inventor and the patent agent.The content and quality of the technical disclosure have a direct impact on the patent agent to write the application document, and the quality of the patent application document directly affects whether the patent can be authorized.In the lecture, Wang Xue especially emphasized the significance of writing high quality technical disclosure, and combined with cases to explain the writing skills of technical disclosure.

At the same time, patents are territorial, and the validity and scope of protection of each patent is limited to the country in which it is granted.In addition, due to the great differences in patent application procedures between countries, there are also a number of international intellectual property conventions on national laws, and the overseas patent application process is more complicated.Therefore, Wang Xue explained the Paris Convention and PCT pathway respectively for the participating teachers, and compared the two different application channels, so as to facilitate the understanding and choice of teachers.

After the keynote lecture, we set up a special question-and-answer session, which effectively solved the practical problems encountered in the daily work of the participating teachers, and the lecture was praised by the participating teachers.

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