Gaowo went to Zhucheng in Shandong province to visit customers and help them plan layout and rights protection against counterfeiting for their trademark “双狼”.

With the development of social economy, the phenomenon of trademark imitating famous brands, free riding, squatting and so on emerge one after another, which brings bad influence to many legitimate enterprises. And with the continuous improvement of intellectual property protection awareness of enterprises, their demands to safeguard their own brand rights and interests are constantly strengthened.

On April 3-4, entrusted by the client, Zhang Chunlin in Zhucheng, Shandong province, Gaowo non-litigation lawyer Ma Kun and trademark agent Zhang Ziye visited the client's Jiayi Labor insurance factory to help it carry out intellectual property planning and develop rights protection and counterfeiting-fighting programs.

Zhang Chunlin introduced that it is an individual business, and has filed the trademark “双狼” for registration as early as 2014 which has obtained certain popularity in the industry after many years development.But you can see many other dealers are selling the gloves products under the brand “双狼” on Taobao,Jingdong, Tik Tok and Pinduoduo after searching on these platforms, which brought a lot of troubles for the Zhang’s brand operation of “双狼”. And in recent years, there are even other parties which filed cancellation against Zhang’s “双狼” trademark, wishing to loot the brand by cancellation, and that brought many difficulties for “双狼” brand operation.

After accepting the client's commission, attorney Ma Kun communicated in detail the current protection situation of "双狼" trademark and the existence of similar trademarks in the market for clients, customized 21 pages of trademark solutions to help customers sort out the context, clarify the ideas of rights protection, and help customers' brand layout and rights protection work!The client highly appreciates the professional advice of Gaowo attorney. Both parties have cooperated for many years and look forward to further cooperation in the future!

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