Good news! Gaowo customer won the Patent Excellence Award of the 5th Marine and Ocean Engineering Industry.

Recently, there is good news! The list of the 5th Marine and Ocean Engineering Patent Awards of China Marine and Ocean Engineering Industry Intellectual Property Alliance was published. According to the regulations of Patent Award Evaluation Method for Marine and Ocean Engineering Industry, it was the Marine and Ocean Engineering Industry Patent Award Evaluation Committee that reviewed the award, and the customer of Gaowo won the patent excellence Award.

Our country has elevated innovation to an unprecedented level in our overall modernization drive.While the intellectual property system is the basic guarantee of innovative development and the important system guarantee of our comprehensive opening to the outside world. This has put forward higher requirements for intellectual property work in the whole industry.

The purpose of the Marine and ocean engineering industry patent award selection is to jointly promote the mining of high-quality patents, the cultivation of high-value patents and the layout of high-level patents, improve the core competitiveness of the Marine and ocean engineering industry, and accelerate the transformation of relevant scientific research achievements.

Being awarded a patent award is both an affirmation and an incentive. As a professional intellectual property service agency, Gaowo will work with customers to serve the national Marine power strategy, see the construction of "The Belt and Road" and social progress as its own responsibility, assist customers to further strengthen intellectual property management, carry out an all-round distribution of core technology patents, and promote high-quality industrial development.

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