Gaowo helped Shenghaitang to obtain the certification of intellectual property standards.

Recently, Anhui Shenghaitang TCM Decoction Pieces Co., LTD., successfully obtained the certificate of intellectual property standards under the joint efforts of the company and Gaowo service team. And Gaowo expressed heartfelt congratulations for that.

Shenghaitang has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and the application and protection of intellectual property rights. Now it has developed into a scientific and technological enterprise with modern traditional Chinese medicine as its development direction, integrating the cultivation, processing, research and development and sales of medicinal materials.

Shenghaitang has incorporated intellectual property management and protection into the enterprise development strategy, carried out in-depth intellectual property training series, cultivated high-quality intellectual property personnel team, and carried out intellectual property work throughout the whole process of enterprise management, technological innovation, production and marketing. And the company has significantly improved its scientific and technological innovation strength, and achieved a large number of scientific and technological innovation achievements reaching the international advanced level.

Especially in recent years, Shenghaitang has established a good cooperative relationship with Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anhui University of Technology, Hangzhou Normal College, Haozhou College, and has cooperated with them in the cultivation, processing, quality standard, inspection and testing of Chinese medicinal materials. And the company has provided first-class talent team and solid technical support for sustainable development, established the enterprise technology center, and continuously study product innovation and process. At present,the company has obtained 13 national invention patents, 18 utility model patents, and two inventions have entered the substantive examination.

The successful certification of the intellectual property management system will further enhance Shenghaitang's intellectual property management level, effectively stimulate innovation vitality and enhance its market competitiveness.

As a professional intellectual property service agency, Gaowo always adheres to the trinity service mode of management consulting, information consulting and system construction consulting. And it has provided services to help many enterprises obtain the certification of intellectual property standards, and contributed to improving the core competitiveness of its customers and further scientifically creating and strengthening the IP strategy of the enterprises.

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