Gaowo Lawyer Chen Jianmin delivered a speech at the Chinese Intellectual Property New Year Forum: High-quality legal services escort intellectual property.

Recently, the 13th China Intellectual Property New Year Forum and 2022 China Intellectual Property Managers Annual Conference came to a successful conclusion in Beijing.Mr. Chen Jianmin, senior consultant of Gaowo Law Firm, attended the meeting as a representative of the intellectual property service industry, and delivered a keynote speech entitled "High-quality Legal Services Escort intellectual Property", which, from the perspective of enterprise demand, put forward higher requirements for the quality improvement of intellectual property service agencies.

As an annual gathering of the intellectual property industry, this forum focuses on the management and legal compliance of enterprises' intellectual property in the post-pandemic era, and summarizes and looks into the challenges and development opportunities of China's intellectual property industry.

Lawyer Chen Jianmin expanded the theme of the forum from "Grasping Opportunities & Forging Through" to "High-quality legal services escort intellectual property".

In the wake of COVID-19, the global economic landscape is in turmoil, and enterprises are faced with more opportunities and challenges for innovative development. Taking Huawei as an example, Chen explained that it has continued to increase R&D investment, innovates and develops, and becomes a great company even though facing sanctions.To create great enterprises and great products, important research and development innovation is the inevitable choice! This puts forward higher requirements for intellectual property service agencies.

Lawyer Chen introduced the intellectual property problems encountered by enterprises from the stage of intellectual property right confirmation and protection respectively, and stressed the importance of quality improvement of intellectual property service institutions.

Over the years, Gaowo has been adhering to the mission of "wholeheartedly solving problems for customers", deepening service requirements, improving service quality, and attracting a large number of high-end talents to join.At present, it has developed into a large intellectual property legal service institution with 4 core experts, 40 professional intellectual litigation lawyers and more than 200 patent agents, engineers and analysts.In the future, Gaowo will live up to its mission and strive forward to protect the intellectual property rights of the majority of innovation subjects with high-quality legal services!

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