Gaowo visited Chongqing Jiaotong University to help the innovation and protection of their water transport traffic safety technology.

As an important position for scientific research and innovation, colleges and universities play an important role in promoting economic and social development. They also serve as important forces in deepening the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, accelerating the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and promoting the coordinated development of industry-university-research and application.Further strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights in colleges and universities and facilitating the complete integration of the two systems are crucial to improving the scientific research and innovation ability of colleges and universities and better serving the national and local economic and social construction.

At the invitation of graduate tutor team of "Chongqing Mountain River Navigation Safety and Bridge Collision Avoidance" of Chongqing Jiaotong University  and  Chongqing Bridge Navigation Safety and collision avoidance Engineering Technology Research Center, Gaowo IP  team came to the university and held a patent theme exchange meeting on April 12 this year. And China Shipbuilding Group Chongqing Long March Heavy Industry Co., LTD. (Long March Heavy Industry for short) participated in the meeting as an industry-university-research cooperation unit.

The Bridge Collision Prevention Center of Chongqing Jiaotong University has long been engaged in the research direction of water transportation safety, bridge navigation safety, hydraulic structure engineering, ship and ocean engineering, bridge pier health monitoring, civil and hydraulic measurement technology and long tunnel ventilation model test.And the relevant achievements have won many important national awards

Long March Heavy Industry, belonging to China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, is the casting and forging center of China's shipbuilding industry in southwest China, and is the national designated railway freight car manufacturer.The company has strong technical strength, complete professional categories, complete quality control and testing means, and has 201 valid patents. At the same time, it has the certification qualification of the world's major classification societies, and is the practice unit of manufacturing power.

In order to integrate superior resources, improve the teaching quality and scientific research level of colleges and universities, enhance the innovation ability and scientific and technological level of enterprises as well as cultivate high-tech talents in practice, and also in order to promote the common progress of schools, enterprises and society, give full play to the respective advantages of schools and enterprises, and achieve efficient interaction and collaborative innovation, Chang Zuzheng,senior patent digger of Gaowo, systematically explained the basic knowledge of patents, the writing of disclosure documents, the review process and the way to speed up, the patent search and analysis, the way of international patent application and the relevant knowledge of patent award application. The professional explanation was highly recognized by the technical experts attending the meeting.

At the same time, the Gaowo team conducted in-depth exchanges on the patent layout protection issue of "Bridge navigation safety and anti-collision engineering technology" concerned by the two major scientific research and technology teams, and customized solutions for the pain points of patent layout.We will continue to promote the communication and cooperation between universities and enterprises in related fields, and contribute to the scientific and technological innovation and research and development protection of universities and enterprises.


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