Warmly welcome leaders of Xinfu District Government of Fushun, Liaoning Province to visit Gaowo.

On April 13, leaders of Xinfu District Government of Fushun City, Liaoning Province, including Tian Ye, deputy head of the District People's Government, Liu Yan, director of the District Science and Technology Bureau, and Li Xiaolong, director of the District Office, visited Gaowo. The two sides organized a symposium to exchange and discuss cooperation on the status quo and future development of high-tech enterprises in Xinfu District! Wu Yini, Gaowo Executive Director, Zhang Yashen, senior government project manager and Li Mei, marketing manager attended the reception.

In recent years, our country has promoted to deepen reform and accelerated the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, and introduced a number of policies to facilitate the innovative development of science and technology enterprises, especially to encourage the development of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises. And our country has supported qualified SME to establish internal research and development platforms, technology centers, etc.,  to introduce and cultivate backbone innovation teams, and apply for recognition of high-tech enterprises.

In response to national policies, Xinfu District has deeply implemented the innovation-driven strategy, given full play to the main role of enterprises in innovation, guided enterprises to increase investment, and focused on promoting the application and identification of high-tech enterprises.

Director Liu Yan introduced that over the years, Xinfu District has made certain achievements in the application of high-tech, but also faces many problems and challenges. For example, the enterprises will not continue to declare when their declaration was not approved, and the enterprises meet the declaration requirements but they don’t declare, and enterprises will no longer declare the review when declaring new and high-tech enterprises.

Manager Zhang Yashen answered the questions raised by Director Liu Yan one by one, and introduced Gaowo's service advantages in intellectual property rights and project declaration.

Gaowo attaches great importance to the long-term development of enterprises and always considers problems from the perspective of customers.In terms of service for enterprises, we do not do a one-off deal, but promote long-term sustainable development of enterprises through the process of providing professional intellectual property layout and project services !

The government leaders of Xinfu District visited the environment of Gaowo Company, learned about Gaowo's qualifications and honors over the years, and recognized the business operation concept of Gaowo that focuses on providing long-term services for enterprises.The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on the next step cooperation, and will continue to maintain communication and look forward to further cooperation between the two sides!

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