Gaowo held patent lectures in Jiangsu University to help it protect innovation.

It is an advantageous measure to promote the development of intellectual property rights in our country that the universities and IP enterprises cooperate for win-win situation. At the invitation of the university, Gaowo IP team went to Jiangsu University and held a lecture with the theme of “improve the licensing rate and overseas patent layout in the process of disclosure writing and review”, helping it protect the research, innovation and the patent layout.

As the IPR plays an increasingly important role in economic development, the development of modern universities is increasingly dependent on intellectual property rights.IPR is not only an important carrier of innovation achievements in colleges and universities, but also a bridge linking innovation and market and promoting the transformation of innovation achievements into real productivity. In recent years,the CNIPA and the Ministry of Education jointly issued a policy document on promoting high-quality development of intellectual property in universities, taking multiple measures to encourage innovative development and transformation of scientific research in universities

At present, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements is the focus and difficulty of many universities and research institutes, which requires them to do a good job in patent layout, improve the strength of scientific research and innovation and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements.

Jiangsu University has a history of 100 years and a number of high-level subjects. The University attaches great importance to the protection of scientific and technological innovation.In 2020, the Institute of Intellectual Property was founded to put the research results of intellectual property management into practice, and to improve the quality of patents, develop high-value patents and promote the transformation and application of patents.

In 2015 and 2016, the university ranked 6th and 8th in the number of invention patents granted and 13th and 12th in the number of effective invention patents. In 2017, the university ranked 9th in China and 41st in the world in terms of international patent applications. In 2018, it won a gold medal of China patent, and in 2019, it won a silver award, and a total of 9 Chinese patent excellence awards.It has been approved as the "transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technology transfer" base of the Ministry of Education featuring intellectual property rights, as well as the Jiangsu High value Patent Cultivation Center, and is one of the first batch of "patent right confirmation and division pilot" universities of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

This time, the "IP support" team of Gaowo intellectual property came to Jiangsu University to give patent lectures. The technical support teacher of Gaowo explained the "patent review process and review procedure", "how to improve the authorization rate for the common questions of review opinions and disclosure letter writing”, and the relevant knowledge of" international patent layout".In addition,our support teacher answered questions about various problems encountered in the patent application of the university, which effectively improved the scientific research ability and awareness of innovation protection of the school's teachers and students. The university leaders, teachers and scientific research teams responded warmly to this training and benefited a lot.

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