Gaowo visited Donghe Tea and helped solve its trademark and copyright problem in tea industry.

In recent years, with the further development of Chinese market economy and the continuous improvement of intellectual property system, we have realized greatly the importance of intellectual property. However, due to the lack of intellectual property layout experience, the professional guidance and assistance, how to protect their intellectual property rights and interests has become a common problem faced by many enterprises.

In order to help enterprises better implement the intellectual property protection, Chen Zhenyu, an attorney of Gaowo, and Niu Liwei, an intellectual property consultant of Gaowo, came to Guangdong Donghe Tea Co., LTD., and conducted in-depth communication with them on the layout protection of trademarks and Copyrights, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.

Founded in 2008, Guangdong Donghe Tea Co., Ltd. is committed to integrating industrial resources and building a comprehensive tea industry service center that "takes scientific and technological innovation as the lead to make Chinese tea circulate globally".

Through cooperation with Gaowo, the tea industry trademark, copyright and other issues can be solved, so that tea industry operators can effectively protect their own interests with the help of laws and regulations. And it will further break down industry barriers, reduce tea transaction costs, highly integrate various resources, and build a long-term and stable tea circulation channel with close connection between production and sales. And it further stimulates the vitality of the market economy in the field of tea circulation and enhances the innovation ability and overall competitiveness of the tea industry.

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