Good news! 14 trademark agents of Gaowo were selected into the trademark talent pool of China Trademark Association.

Recently, the China Trademark Association announced the list of qualified personnel for the 2023 trademark talent pool entry application (the second batch). Among them, a total of 14 are from Gaowo.

Level 1:

Ma Mengyun, Wang Lichao, Wang Weiyun, Wang Shuo, Su Chunkai, Li Shizhang, Li Shuo, Hao Xiaoyu, Jia Yue, Xu Liu, Ma Likun.

Level 2:

Wang Xinyu, Zhou Shiyi, Guan Yiming.

Trademark talent pool was initiated and directed by the China Trademark Association Talent and education Committee. The Chinese Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Committee, China Intellectual Property Development Alliance, a large number of influential law firms and trademark agencies, well-known universities and experts at home and abroad jointly formulated the standards and conducted the selection.

Based on the agent's professional service ability, theoretical ability, management ability, social influence and other indicators, the selection comprehensively examined the agent's working years, professional qualification certificates, his own books, published articles, participation in research topics and language ability, and evaluated the trademark practitioners in the country, and opened to the whole society. It is convenient for individuals and units with trademark needs to follow up and select the trademark business agents who meet the needs.

After 39 of our colleagues were selected as senior qualified personnel in the China Trademark Association's 2023 Trademark Talent Pool (first batch), 14 of our colleagues were again selected as qualified personnel in the 2024 Trademark Talent Pool (second batch), which represents the trademark service ability of Gaowo was widely recognized and accepted. And in the future, Gaowo will continue to build high-quality trademark agent team, follow the example of the high-quality professional competence and provide more trustworthy and efficient trademark agent services for the clients.

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