The exchange meeting of "high-value patent mining layout and enterprise intellectual property risk response" hosted by Gaowo in Qingdao ended successfully.

Let’s exchange opinions comprehensively on and discuss IP together. On March 27, 2024, the salon meeting of “high-value patent mining layout and enterprise intellectual property risk response” hosted by Gaowo in Qingdao Seaside Garden Hotel ended successfully.

The salon meeting received wide attention. Nearly 100 enterprise managers, engineers, experts, and teachers from scientific research institutes from all over the country gathered together to share and discuss the cutting-edge topics.

The layout of high-value patent mining and the risk response of enterprise intellectual property are the two major pain points encountered by enterprises in the management and operation of intellectual property.How to solve the problem? Mr. Zhu Ruizhi, a senior intellectual Property lecturer of Gaowo, discussed the two major topics, combined his own years of practical experience and Gaowo's management and operation strategy, and shared with the guests.

High-value patents and intellectual property operations are complementary to each other. On the one hand, operation is very important to explore the value of patents and form high-value patents; on the other hand, owning high-value patents is the prerequisite and foundation for effective operation.Mr Zhu shared in detail from the definition of high-value patents, patent technology analysis, patent mining layout, patent value evaluation, providing landing solutions for enterprises to cultivate high-value patents.

With the enhancement of enterprises' awareness of intellectual property protection, the risks of disputes over trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets encountered in their production and business activities are increasing day by day. So how to effectively avoid and respond to the risks has become a necessary topic for corporate IP managers to address.Mr Zhu combined with examples to introduce several solution strategies developed by Gaowo for enterprises to cope with intellectual property risks, which play an important role in improving enterprises' intellectual property management and operation capabilities.

This exchange meeting was successfully held, on-site Gaowo’s experts and teachers answered customers' questions one by one, and customized personalized intellectual property protection solutions to solve the problems faced by enterprises in intellectual property layout. And the representatives of the participating enterprises and intellectual property management personnel were very satisfied with the teacher's explanation and gave feedback after the meeting that they had benefited a lot.

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