Congratulations to Gaowo's many customers on being included in the first Jiangsu Patent Award proposed shortlist!

Recently, the list of proposed winners of the first Jiangsu Patent Award was published, and several customers of Gaowo were included on the list.Sincere congratulations from all staff of Gaowo!

Jiangsu Patent Award, following the principle of openness, fairness and justice, includes Jiangsu Patent Gold Award, Jiangsu Patent Silver Award, Jiangsu Patent Excellence Award and Jiangsu Patent Inventor Award, which are selected every two years. It is the most influential government award in the field of intellectual property in Jiangsu Province, and also an important sign to measure the scientific development level and scientific research strength of enterprises.

This time, many customers of Gaowo were included in the Patent Award proposed list, which is a high recognition from the Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office for the customers of Gaowo and their patent achievements, and an affirmation for the continuous investment in R&D and innovation and the implementation of intellectual property protection and application!

Winning the Patent Award in Jiangsu Province not only means that the recipient will receive a certificate and a bonus issued by the provincial people's government. These patent achievements will also provide impetus for the future development of award-winning enterprises, further enhance the technological content of the company's products, enhance product stability, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and provide strong scientific and technological support for further development.

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