Gaowo was invited to attend the symposium of Trademark Law commemoration in Great Hall of the People

On August 23rd, Li Hui, the representative of Gaowo IP Law Firm, was invited to attend the symposium of 30th anniversary of the Trademark Law of People's Republic of China which was held in the Great Hall of the People. This symposium was organized by the commission of legislative affairs of the National People's Congress, Supreme Peoples Court and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce together.

At the symposium, Yan Juanqi, the vice-chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, Zhou Bohua, the Director of state administration for industry and commerce, and Xi Xiaoming, the Vice-president of the supreme people's court were presented and delivered speeches. Xi Xiaoming said in his speech that the trademark case becomes one of the most important parts of the intellectual property rights of the people's court trial work in resent 30 years. Local people's courts at all levels fully perform judicial function in accordance with the law, and timely resolve different kinds of trademark disputes. From 1985 to 2011, 56069 civil and administrative cases refer to the trademark right were accepted, and 53595 cases were concluded. We have established a good image of the judicial protection of intellectual property rights in China. Meanwhile, to fully use the function of trial guidance. And to constantly improve the system of the standard of the trademark trial and judgement. Also to promote the unification, precision and openess of trademark judicial system; to further strengthen judicial protection of trademark rights, and to promote the competitiveness, innovation and inclusiveness of socialist market economy. He asked the local people's courts at all levels to fully use the ability of the builder and the guarantor in the promoting of socialist cultural prosperity and independent economic coordinated development, and make greater contribution to the implementation of the trademark law and the establishment of the brands power.

Fu Shuangjian, the deputy director of state administration for industry and commerce, hosted the symposium. Fang Aiqing, the assistant of Commerce Minister, Gan Shaoning, the Vice-Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office, and Ning Gaoning, the chairman of COFCO,. attended and delivered speeches. Li Fei, the National People's Congress deputy director, and Liu Fan, the chairman of Chinese trademark association, also were presented. About 150 cadres from relevant ministries, experts and representatives of enterprises, industrial associations and agencies, and foreign institutions in China, attended the symposium too. It is the second time for Gaowo IP Law Firm to take part in a symposium of anniversaries of the Trademark Law .


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